UHF RFID Medical Wristband

1. Program Background

With the acceleration of the informatization process in the medical industry, nursing, especially clinical nursing, pays more attention to improving work accuracy and work efficiency, and patients' requirements for medical efficiency and medical service quality are also constantly improving. Traditional handwriting wristbands and barcode wristbands cannot meet the development of medical informatization due to their own limitations. It has become an inevitable trend to use RFID technology to achieve medical informatization and service progress.

2. Program Overview

The UHF RFID medical wristband solution launched by Feigete uses nano-silicon materials, combines traditional barcode wristbands with UHF passive RFID technology, and uses UHF RFID medical wristbands as the medium to realize the non-visual identity of patients Identification, through the SFT scanning of mobile RFID Scanners, the efficient collection, rapid identification, accurate verification and management integration of patient data can be realized.

3. Program Value

There are disadvantages in the use of traditional wristbands. Handwritten wristbands need to be checked by the naked eyes of nursing staff, which takes a long time and has a high misreading rate, which increases the risk of medical accidents; while barcode wristbands need to be scanned at close range and cannot be blocked , affecting nursing efficiency. In addition, handwriting and barcode wristbands are easily polluted and damaged, which seriously affects the use.

Feigete UHF RFID medical wristband, which is excellent in reading distance and non-visual recognition ability, can effectively solve the pain points caused by the use of traditional wristbands.


4. Advantages of the program

Nano silicon, antibacterial material
1) Medical antibacterial design, certified by FDA, safer to use;
2) Adopt international leading nano-silicon material, light and thin texture, soft and comfortable, breathable, zero allergies.


Non-visual, anti-jamming design
1) RFID non-visual identification, patient information is stored in the chip, which fully protects the privacy of patients, and the reading is not affected by bedding and clothes;
2) Anti-human interference design, convenient and quick check and query of patient information, improve the work efficiency and service level of medical staff. Safe and barrier-free reading The RFID chip has a unique ID number in the world, which cannot be changed or forged;
3) Good environmental compatibility, surface wear or pollution will not affect information reading.

Various specifications are available
Adult series (children over 6 years to adults)


Children's series (1-6 years)


Baby series (newborns to 1-12 months)


5. Usage Scenarios

Mobile Care
1) Quickly and accurately read patient information in infusion, inspection, surgery and other links.
2) Guarantee the correctness of patients, drugs, dosage, time and usage.
3) Know the situation of the patient in time when the patient has a sudden illness personnel management.
4) Maternal and child information association.
5) Baby proof.
6) Baby anti-wrong.

6. Most Idea uhf PDAs

1) SF506 Mobile RFID Pocket size Scanner


2) SF506S Mobile UHF Handheld Reader