• State Grid

    State Grid

    State Grid Solutions: Background Introduction According to the increasing demand in modern electric power through the application of various working scenarios to realize efficient work, real-time interaction of ...
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  • Retailing


    Intelligent RFID Tags Management in Smart New Retailing Through barcode, RFID, GPS and other technologies to exchange and collect information on commodities, and for various application scenarios, intelligent management is used to greatly reduce m...
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  • Logistic


    Warehouse Inventory Management System Solutions Warehouse inventory management system solutions has become an important aspect of managing inventory for many businesses. However, taking physical counts and managing inventory levels with high accuracy can be ch...
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  • Livestock


    In recent years, RFID farm management has been adopted by many animal farms as a way to effectively monitor and track the health of livestock.  One of the key advantages of RFID technology is the ability to create an electronic profile for each animal, which allows farme...
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  • Government


    In today's fast-paced business world, managing assets accuracy efficiently is critical. The RFID technology has made it easy to track assets, and government agencies are no exception. RFID tracking assets systems in check-in/check-out, asset tracking, ID scanning, invent...
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  • Healthcare


    UHF RFID Medical Wristband 1. Program Background With the acceleration of the informatization process in the medical industry, nursing, especially clinical nursing, pays more attention to improving work accuracy and work efficiency, an...
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