Feiget Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of biometric and RFID software and hardware, and a provider of RFID biometric fingerprint recognition technology solutions. Feigete focuses on the research and development of RFID and Biometric core technology, and is a high-tech enterprise integrating product production and sales.

Feigete has a team of core technology experts and a team RFID biometric application system development and design engineers. Most of our engineers’ is more than 10 years, and with abundant technical and practical experiences. Feigete can provide you with professional and comprehensive either fingerprint and RFID project planning, design and development. , implementation and training services.

Milestones and Patents

2009 Feigete founded by two senior engineer Eric Tang and Stone Li
2010 Released the first smart RFID door locker and gained great reputation in domestic China
2011 Gained fingerprint lock software patent and started fingerprint door locker development
2012 Released the first the fingerprint door locker and cooperated with Tianlang in security field
2013 Released the world first Bluetooth RFID Bluetooth fingerprint scanner model FB502 and cooperated with trading companies to enter the international market
2014 Gained Shenzhen Municipality Hi-Tech enterprise Certified and Released the first Android biometric RFID PDA model SF801 and worked with Ufone in Pakistan to assist their Secure SIM card Registration project
2015 Released the first android biometric RFID Tablet model SF707 and UHF PDA model SF506
2016 Gained ISO9001:2015 Certificate
2017 Re-newed Hi-Tech enterprise certificate and has “SFT” logo officially registered for international branding
2018 Released Android UHF PDA model SF516 etc


● F003 Smart lock device software patent

● Electronic door lock gateway access management system

● Electronic door lock gateway access management system

● Electronic door lock voiceprint automatic unlocking system

● Bluetooth personal ID information

● Personal ID card information collection background system

● Electronic door lock bluetooth interactive system

● Electronic door lock motor current protection system