Fragile Adhensive UHF NFC Labels

The breaking strength of the fragile label is much lower than that of the adhesive. It has the characteristics of not being completely peeled off after being pasted and not reusable.

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Fragile Label丨Fragile Adhesive Label Structure Diagram

With the increasing demand for accurate asset tracking and inventory management, many industries are turning to advanced identification and tracking solutions like RFID technology. Among these, UHF NFC Labels are gaining popularity due to their rugged build, extended range, and versatile applications.

UHF NFC Labels are designed to combine the strengths of two popular identification systems - UHF (Ultra-High Frequency) and NFC (Near Field Communication). These labels are built using high-quality materials, which make them a top choice for labeling fragile and delicate items across diverse industries.

One of the primary advantages of UHF NFC Labels is their adhesive property, which ensures easy attachment to surfaces of different shapes, sizes, and textures. These labels cling to surfaces with precision and do not affect the asset's functionalities, making them ideal for labeling fragile electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, and sensors.

Another benefit of UHF NFC Labels is their extended range capabilities. These labels can be read from a distance of up to several feet, making them highly efficient and precise for tracking assets in large manufacturing and warehousing facilities. This range expands the application of UHF NFC Labels far beyond traditional NFC tags and makes them suitable for use in supply chain management, logistics, and inventory management.

RFID adhensive label
Fragile Antenna Label

Fragile Label丨Fragile Adhesive Label Applications

Used in mobile phones, telephones, computer accessories, automotive electronics, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, entertainment tickets and other high-end business quality assurance


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  • Fragile adhensive UHF NFC Lables
    Data storage: ≥10 years
    Erasure times: ≥100,000 times
    Working temperature :  -20℃- 75℃(humidity 20%~90%)
    Storage temperature:   -40-70℃(humidity 20%~90%)
    Working frequency: 860-960MHz 、13.56MHz
    Antenna size: Customized
    Protocol: IS014443A/ISO15693ISO/IEC 18000-6C EPC Class1 Gen2
     Surface material: Fragile
    Reading distance: 8m
    Packaging material: Fragile diaphragm+chip+Fragile antenna+Non-base double-sided adhesive+Release paper
    Chips: lmpinj(M4、M4E、MR6、M5),Alien(H3、H4)、S50、FM1108、ult series、/I-code series 、Ntag series
    Process individuation: Chip internal code,Write data.
    Printing process: Four color printing, Spot color printing, Digital printing
    Packaging : Electrostatic bag packaging, single row 2000 sheets / roll, 6 rolls / box